ITEM 18060

5 Points Deluxe Box Set
Popeye, Olive Oyl, Bluto, Rough House & Play Set


Popeye - known for his superhuman strength after
gulping down a can of spinach, will do whatever it takes to rescue his beloved Olive Oyl from the wicked hands of Bluto.

Popeye comes with a spinach can that he can hold and two pairs of interchangeable arms.

Olive Oyl – the poster girl for “damsel in distress” these two have stuck together through thick and thin.

Bluto – the brutish arch-rival of Popeye, is always trying to get rid of Popeye or strike it rich.

Bluto comes with two pairs of interchangeable arms.

Rough House – a hard working chef and owner of Rough House’s Café.

Rough House comes with a spatula and a frying pan that he can hold.


Range: 5 Points Deluxe Box Sets
Category: TV
Packaging: Deluxe boxed
UPC: 069619818060-2