ITEM 54162

7" Scale Action Figure - 2 Pack
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Cartoon King Rat & Vernon


The TMNT Cartoon line has seen an infestation of rodents! Enter the Rat King. Equipped with soda grenades, a mutagen canister with a removable cap, and a flute to control his rat army, he marches through the sewers of New York to bring an end to human rule. Also included in the 2 pack is Channel 6's own cameraman, Vernon Fenwick. Standing approximately 7" tall, Vernon comes with a Channel 6 camera and interchangeable hands and head to turn him into a Were-rat.


Size: 7" Scale
Range: 7" Scale Action Figures - 2 Packs
Category: TV
Packaging: Window box
UPC: 063448254162-3