ITEM 54191

7" Scale Ultimate Action Figure
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon


It may be hard to tell by the look or smell of him, but Garson Grunge aka Muckman is one of the good guys! Former foe-turned-ally, Muckman is the newest Ultimate release to join the turtles in their fight against Shredder and the Foot! And he's not alone. Tagging along in the adventure is his mutated partner, Joe Eyeball, who sits comfortably in the garbage can, attached to Muckman's back.

Sculpted in disgusting detail, Muckman comes with the rockilizer, mini can of ooze, interchangeable hands, and mouths for varied expressions!


Size: 7" Scale
Range: 7" Scale Action Figures
Category: TV
Packaging: Window box with opening panel
UPC: 063448254191-3